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SMARTWorks Solution™

Built on decades of experience in revenue cycle technology.

Efficiency in revenue management, care and comfort for patients



Focused on streamlining and automating the process of billing and receivables from insurance companies, Jzanus’s proprietary SMARTWorks Solution includes modules for scheduling, insurance verification, claims management, and collections. SMARTWorks Solution can also include features such as electronic medical records, patient portals, and analytics tools to help providers understand and optimize their billing and collection processes. These systems are often web-based and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. The goal of our healthcare-focused revenue cycle technology is to increase efficiency, improve cash flow, and provide better patient care.

The SMARTWorks Solution core services

All of the benefits, with none of the strings

Our SMARTWorks Solution™ fully automates what are currently manual inputs in your process so you can drive an automated eligibility search and third-party claim status before your staff even touch an account.

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