Clinical appeal services

Jzanus provides a variety of medical necessity and appeals support services aimed at helping hospitals to optimize their compliance and ensure accurate reimbursement. Our personnel includes clinical experts who have skill sets that are focused on compliance management. With our years of experience and knowledge regarding regulatory compliance at both state and federal levels, Jzanus can provide appeal and denial support around key areas of compliance including- Inpatient and Observation Reviews, Readmission Reviews and Continued Stay Reviews. Jzanus resources are credentialed experts who are highly experienced in their particular area and use Interqual and Millman standards for medical necessity determination.

Other services available include legal assistance with appeal support. We have a high success rate in winning these appeals for our customers. We can also provide medical necessity education and training to your clinicians. This can be an effective approach for keeping your hospital’s medical staff current on the latest compliance regulations. Jzanus can provide education in hard-to-master areas of documentation, specialty coding, and observation status.

Clinical appeals & denial management explained

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