Medicaid eligibility solutions

Jzanus helps our clients determine Medicaid eligibility for the patients they provide service to and recover revenue lost due to uncompensated care. Our team of Certified Application Counselors (CAC) and trained Medicaid Eligibility staff assist patients in the United States. We serve as patient advocates and financial counselors to navigate the complex application processes for federal, state, and community-based programs. These professionals provide assistance throughout the eligibility process in a dignified and respectful manner and help get indigent patients the financial help they urgently need. There are also other revenue enhancement services addressing the needs of the medically underserved population who may not meet the stringent state Medicaid guidelines.

Specialized tools like Jzanus’ proprietary software technology help to accelerate and manage the real-time eligibility determination and enrollment process. Our vast expertise and proprietary software enable us to design a cost-effective solution that can expedite cash recovery, reduce payment cycle time and enhance patient satisfaction.

Our extensive payer knowledge and experience allow us to customize the most efficient eligibility process for your hospital’s operations. We carefully work with you to design a program for uncovering new and existing eligibility, submitting applications, and tracking cases through resolution. You determine what functions and levels of professional support are best performed by your staff and what is more effectively performed by Jzanus resources.


MLTC enrollment and recertification

Jzanus assists our Medicaid Long-Term Care (MLTC) clients by attaining new enrollments as well as Medicaid recertifications. Our goal is to have a seamless transition to ensure the continuity of coverage for members and for your Managed Long-Term Plan. Preventing any lapse in coverage and providing a continuous flow of revenue.

Jzanus proprietary software tools which generate current eligibility determinations will manage and track coverage for new enrollments and monitor the eligibility for consumers who are approaching their annual re-enrollment period. This will maintain cash recovery for the Managed Care Plan, reduce bad debt, and heighten consumer satisfaction with continuous coverage and eligibility.

Our knowledge and proficiency enable us to tailor the most effective eligibility process for our client’s needs, enhancing cash recovery and shortening payment cycle periods.

Medicaid eligibility services explained

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