Interim management

Providing effective interim leadership for managing a hospital’s revenue operations requires resources who know the local healthcare market and are able to establish a strong working relationship with a hospital’s leadership. Jzanus interim executives are salaried employees who have spent significant portions of their careers working as senior revenue managers for hospitals that are local to the region.

Our interim executive team maintains a close working relationship with Jzanus’ Corporate Support organizations to optimize our proprietary technology and resources for driving successful business outcomes. These individuals have a strong understanding of the complex federal and state healthcare regulations and are able to streamline processes and improve workflows while achieving positive results for your organization.


Jzanus interim management benefits

  • Experienced senior management with a working knowledge of local healthcare issues and regulations.
  • Processes and proprietary technologies that can optimize efficiencies for improving revenue.
  • Access to a large support organization with expert knowledge in revenue operations for National marketplace