Receivable scrub technology

Our homegrown Robotic Process Automation (RPA) work tool was designed to process high volumes of a Hospital’s Accounts Receivable. This tool can be leveraged throughout all services and dollar thresholds. Our solution generates great efficiencies in working Low Dollar / High Volume receivables, which are typically overlooked or fall into a lower priority level within a Hospital’s normal workflow.

Our Receivable Scrub Technology (RST) is deployed upon receipt of Low Dollar / High Volume Receivables. The focus of our RST Service is to provide our clients with the highest level of automation, expediting revenue collection by means of insurance verification and speed billing. The value added includes accounts receivable clean-up and recommendations for operational improvement. These results are accomplished through a series of automated actions that our work tool brings together – Insurance Discovery, Automated Claim Status, Electronic Billing, Denials Management & Trend Analysis.


Jzanus provides a comprehensive receivable scrub technology solution.

Receivable scrub technologies benefits:

  • Speed Billing – Revenue Collection
  • Accounts Receivable Cleanup
  • Recommendations for Operational Improvement