Over thirty years of proven experience.

SMARTWorks Solution™ provides access to our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) revenue cycle management platform Jzanus has used for over a decade now, to achieve maximum revenue collection for our clients. Our NEGATIVE Workflow Platform qualifies accounts prior to work queue assignment. The power of our AR management system resides in our ability to automate key elements such as address and telephone scrub, bankruptcy search, integrated timely filing monitor and denials and appeal management module integration.

Key benefits of the platform.

Improves Efficiency

Stratifying by claim status directs the most effective action step and reduces manual touches.

Coverage Discovery

Third party insurance eligibility determination and verification expedites the billing process.

Focused Follow Up

Directs your resources to focus on those accounts that require the most attention.

Accelerates and Increases Cash Flow

Early identification of appropriate payer adds increased capacity to work denials and claim edits.

Bad Debt and Administrative Write-offs

Coverage discovery and avoiding denials through timely filing and appeals.

Reduce Days In Accounts Receiveable

More efficient AR management, improved aging and higher yield.

Power of the platform.

Our SMARTWorks Solution fully automates what are currently manual inputs in your process. Some of the elements automated at the outset of a work assignment include:

  • Address and Telephone scrub
  • Cell phone search for Self Pay accounts
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Repricing in accordance with WC/NF fee schedule where appropriate
  • Integrated Timely Filing Monitor
  • Denial Management
  • Appeal Management
  • Automated Account Resolution driven by client criteria
  • SMARTDollars: Coverage Identification through Medicaid, Medicare and Medicaid Managed Care Eligibility search
  • SMARTClaims: Automated Claims Search
  • Captures line item charge and payment detail

Key Features

Key features of the SMARTWorks Platform include:

  • Workflow Management
  • Work Queue Design and Customization
  • Productivity Monitoring Executive Dashboard with Mobile App
  • Data Analytics
  • Administrative and Clinical Appeal integration
  • Technical Support and Training
  • Secure application is housed at the Jzanus Data Center (with redundancy)
  • Update and auto-rebill the client host system via an auditable HL7 transaction.
  • Professional Support by Revenue Cycle Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Subscription Pricing (no capital expenditure and no annual contract)

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