Uninsured patient accounts represent one of the fastest growing payer segments of hospitals’ receivables. Jzanus LTD has an established reputation as being a leading provider of Medicaid advocacy services in the New York region.  For more than 25 years we have provided onsite field service assistance, casework completion, and financial counseling to our many customers helping them to reduce their bad debt, increase net revenue and improve patient satisfaction.  We use a fair and reasonable approach to self pay collections as we work with patients to establish payment plans.  Our process is seamless to your patients and revenue cycle operations allowing you to effectively blend all of the components of our self pay processes- financial counseling, entitlement and self pay collections- into one complete solution if needed.

Benefits of Jzanus Service

  • Predictive dialers, technology, and workflow tools automate payment processes and management.
  • Bi-lingual and well trained customer service representatives accelerate collections efforts.
  • Monitoring of collection team to protect patients from undue collection efforts.
  • Seamless workflows supplement existing business office operations.