Information Technology

An important way Jzanus has distinguished its leadership position in AR recovery services is through information technology.  Unlike our competition, Jzanus has made significant investments into proprietary technology that is comparable to the leading commercial enterprise revenue management systems that are available today.  These systems and services are managed by a full time information technology organization that is dedicated to customizing solutions that improve operational performance and revenue recovery.   With our proprietary software we employ the latest technology tools for shifting the collection paradigm from the back end to the front end of the revenue cycle and optimizing its performance.  Customized applications built from the ground up by Jzanus are used from end to end throughout the revenue process allowing us to capture more revenue in a more efficient way.

Jzanus Information Technology Benefits:

  • Customized solutions that can easily integrate with a hospitals existing revenue system.
  • Technology staff that are Jzanus employees and committed to our clients needs.
  • Sophisticated reporting tools for updating our clients management on a timely basis.
  • Working relationships with payers, intermediaries and other state reporting agencies.