Medical BillingWhether your health system is migrating from a traditional patient accounting system to a next generation revenue management system or is involved in a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy, Jzanus can provide AR Liquidation Services to efficiently recover your outstanding billed receivables. Jzanus has performed numerous large scale receivables liquidations in the New York marketplace and is viewed as a dependable business partner for this specialized and important service. We have consistently met or exceeded the recovery goals established with our customers. Using our comprehensive knowledge of the revenue cycle process we work with organizations to carefully develop a receivables liquidation strategy that meets short and long term business goals.

Some of our recent clients include- Saint Vincents Catholic Medical Centers, Our Lady of Mercy, Victory Memorial and Caritas Healthcare.

Jzanus prides itself on its use of technology. We have full time computer support professionals and a proprietary technology platform to accommodate the customized requirements of the liquidation process including- file transfers, system interfaces and data conversions.

Benefits of Jzanus Service:

  • Knowledge and expertise of leading revenue management IT solutions
  • Proprietary AR outsourcing processes minimize bad debt write-off
  • Speed to value approach with fewer denials